Online Banking Information

The Dolores State Bank is open 24/7 through our Online Banking services.  Sign up and receive all of these services.


checkmarkBrown  Transfer funds between your Dolores State Bank accounts
checkmarkBrown   Review statement history
checkmarkBrown   View images of checks and deposit slips
checkmarkBrown   Check account balances and activity
checkmarkBrown   Pay bills using Bill Pay  ($3.00 per month)


How do I get started?
The first step is to open an account with The Dolores State Bank. Next, return a completed and signed
Online Banking Application The application is available online or at any of our locations:  Dolores, Cortez, or Mancos.  Once the application has been approved, you will be notified within seven business days of your login information. For more information about the log in process Click Here


How safe is Online Banking? / What about identity theft?
The Bank has contracted with a third-party provider for Online Banking services. That company uses security provided by robust authentication software and enterprise firewalls along with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. These security features, including multi-factor authentication, protect your identity while making it easy and safe for you to access your account information.

The Social Security Administration provides numerous links to other government sites that provide excellent tips for avoiding identity theft and the steps to take should it happen to you:


What is the charge for Online Banking?
There is no charge for the basic services of Online Banking including transaction history, image viewing, and transfers between accounts. Bill pay services are available for $5.00 per month.


How far back can I have statement information?
Statement information is available on the following schedule:
o Checking Accounts – 3 full statements plus current activity
o Savings Accounts – 2 full statements plus current activity
o Loans and CDs – all transactions since loan or account opening


How do I cancel Online Banking service?
Provide the Bank with a signed letter stating your desire to terminate your service. The letter may be delivered in person, in the mail, or by fax provided the signature can be verified. The Bank cannot accept notification of cancellation, lost or stolen IDs, passwords or unauthorized transfers via e-mail.


How do I cancel the bill pay service?
Contact the bill pay service directly through the “My Profile, Service Setup” section of the bill pay web site. Or, contact Customer Service at 970.882.7600 and the Bank will assist with your cancellation.


How do I report errors?
Please contact the Bank immediately if you notice an error either on the statement or on the online transaction history. The best way is to contact Customer Service at 970.882.7600.


What do I do when my password won’t work?
Notify the Bank immediately if your password does not work or you believe your User ID or password has been lost, stolen, or compromised in any way. Telephoning is the best way of keeping possible losses down; 970.882.7600. The Bank cannot accept notification of lost or stolen IDs, passwords or unauthorized transfers via e-mail.


Do I have to change my password?
You are not required to change your password. However, you should change your password periodically to enhance security and the Bank reserves the right to require periodic password changes and establish limits on the re-use of passwords.  You should not use the same password for your banking services as you use for your other internet or e-mail accounts.