Protecting Your Identity

While identity theft can happen to anyone, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk. Here are some ways to make protecting your identity part of your everyday routine:

  • Read your credit card and bank statements carefully and often.
  • Know your payment due dates. If a bill doesn't show up when you expect it, look into it.
  • Read the statements from your health insurance plan. Make sure the claims paid match the care you got.
  • Shred any documents with personal and financial information.
  • Review each of your three credit reports at least once a year. Visit to get your free reports.
  • Keep your computer and smartphone security up to date by updating their software frequently.
  • Understanding the basics of ID Theft and Scams can be helpful in avoiding them, take some time to review the links below for additional tips from the experts.


Americans are facing attacks on personal and financial privacy unlike that seen by any prior generation.  Identity theft and fraud are dangers to be aware of and protected against.  Here are several references that can assist you with addressing these risks: – Report identity theft to the Government and get a step by step recovery plan to assist with securing your identity – Learn the basics of Identity Theft, Frauds and Scams – Tips on securing and protecting your financial identity from theft or fraud – The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Website