About Us

The Dolores State Bank is the largest independent bank in Montezuma County. All decisions are made locally by people who will look beyond the numbers when making decisions. The officers and employees realize the customers are ultimately responsible for the growth and success of the bank.

  Cortez Branch

The Dolores State Bank opened for business on January 5, 1959. Dolores had lost its only bank in mid-1958. Through the efforts of four local businessmen, Dr. E.G. Merritt, Bill Nielson, Merton Taylor and Jack Kinkade, The Dolores State Bank opened just six months later. The Bank opened the Cortez Branch in 2001 to better serve the commercial hub of Montezuma County.  The latest expansion occurred in 2015 when The Dolores State Bank was proud to bring local bank ownership back to the Mancos Valley with the purchase of the Mancos Valley Bank.  The Dolores State Bank’s commitment to community and customer started over 50 years ago and continues today.

As a locally owned independent bank, our mission is to develop and cultivate long-term customer and employee relationships by providing:

* superior products and services
* excellent customer service in a friendly, professional manner
* absolute privacy of customer information
* a challenging and rewarding work environment
* time and resources to the communities we serve

Dolores Bank  


Community Commitment:
The Dolores State Bank is committed to the communities it serves. Our commitment includes donations of time and resources to a wide variety of programs including youth programs, sponsorships, scholarships, donations to non-profits and charities and other organizations that help improve the quality of life in our communities.


Board of Directors:

Douglas J. Aiken – President  
J. Lawrence Engel – Executive VP & Cashier  
Kevin D. Lovett – Director  
H. Dewayne Findley – Chairman of the Board  
Edward G. Merritt, Jr. – Director